Friday, September 12, 2014

Campus Photos

I was really excited to spend the afternoon walking around campus, capturing shots of the architecture colliding with nature. There are so many interesting buildings with great detail, that I knew as soon as I got here that I would need to take some pictures. I'm sure I will share a ton more over the next couple of years!


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Moving Update

So... I moved... To College!

I feel like I have been waiting for such a long time to make this transition. I didn't realize quite how much goes in to moving though since the last time I moved, I was ten. Which means I really didn't do much to help back then where as this time I have to do it all...

We have successfully spent two days in our apartment but I feel like there is so much that we still need to do.

We spent the first full day getting parking permits and figuring out the internet situation. I didn't think people used Ethernet cords anymore but I guess in some college apartments you do. So, after an adventure to the local tech stop, we were the "not so sure how I feel about this" owners of Ethernet cords. We also picked up some extra shopping for the fridge and basic necessities (for some reason we keep remembering things that we don't have but actually need.) The evening was used to gather art supplies for wall decor. I can't wait to show you what we made!

Today, we roamed the area. We got up and went for a walk which had it's perks. Those perks happened to be shirtless rugby players and slurpees. Let's just say if college is going to be like this, I'm going to LOVE it!

The rest of the day was spent trying to set up the TV channels with no success, but we watched a great movie called "God's Not Dead." I highly recommend it!

Anyway, just thought a quick post would be nice and once everything is the way we want it I will post apartment pictures.

A little decor preview!


Monday, September 1, 2014

Three Day Get Away

I’m sitting here, writing, having spent three days relaxing in paradise. If you follow me on social media you might know that earlier this summer I was lucky enough to spend a week away in the sun. Well, I was so excited because I had the opportunity to go back.

That’s right, I had three days relaxation before the college chaos commences!

 We got up early Tuesday morning, picked up Whit and hit the road. After chatting laughing (and fighting over JJ Watt) we arrived at our destination, Lake Chelan. We unpacked some of our beach essentials and spent a good amount of time at the beach before our residence check in.

After catching some rays, we packed the beach essentials back up and headed towards our accommodations. On the way we stopped for a lovely, sweet treat and we also picked up some groceries. Then, it was time to unload the car. We managed to get it done quite quick, leaving enough time to sit by the swimming pool, paint our nails, and eat some dinner. We spent a little bit of time in the hot tub, watched bachelor pad and then headed to bed.

Wednesday was a relaxed day. We didn’t have much planned and stayed local. We ended up launching our kayaks in the marina across the street and I had a great time teaching and gaining some muscle mass at the same time. After paddling a good distance, we made our way back. We bought a shaved ice each and my dad had one for the first time. He seemed to like it!

The rest of the day was spent poolside, eating, and playing a couple rounds of cards. Let’s just say when it comes to the game we played I have no problem calling a bluff!

Thursday was my favorite day. It started much like the others. We got up and dressed. I had my two English muffins and we headed back out to the beach. Once we had set up our spot on the beach, Whit and I decided to go for refreshments and take a little walk into town. After standing in the local Starbucks for what seemed like forever, we started walking down the main street in Chelan. I love looking at the things that the shops there have to offer but as with any holiday town, everything is over priced. That is everything except for the bookshop. This bookshop is my favorite of all time. It is nice and small but they always have a great selection. I picked up three books while we were there. I don’t know when I will get time to read them, but I’m excited about them anyhow.

We then made our way back to the beach and broke out the kayaks again. By this time Whit was practically a pro and we managed to, again, paddle a long distance. We even decided it was a good idea to try and race a motorboat… Bet you can’t guess who won…

That evening we went for a lovely meal as a last night hoorah.  A cheese platter, a salad, lamb chops with seasonal vegetables and sweet potato chips later and we were quite full. I did however manage to make room for trying something new. I had never tried crème brûlée before but I had always wanted to. Well, I can check that one off of my “food I really want to eat” list. We then walked back to our home away from home and spent the rest of the evening watching a TV show about the top 20 craziest commercials in the world. It was hilarious!

Friday, we packed. It was time to say good bye which is always sad but a wise man once told me that the sad feeling we get shows how much fun we have had. We spent our last couple of hours at the beach, reading and enjoying the last bit of sunshine before we hit the road.

Now that I am back home, I feel as if my summer has truly come to an end. It is time to pack up all my belongings, say good-bye to good friends and start a new adventure. I feel so blessed to have had these amazing days away and feel ready (or as ready as I will ever be) to take on what’s next.

Here are some "iCaptured" pics. My DSLR happened to die the moment we arrived and I seem to be poor when it comes to packing camera chargers, phone chargers, etc.

- Susie

Friday, August 29, 2014

Summer Favorites 2014

As I have started packing for university, I decided to reflect on my summer. I had such a great time this year and their are quite a few things that have been favorites...

1. Snapped: I enjoyed having some time to capture some new shots. I love taking pictures and sometimes time gets away from me and I forget.

2. Catching up with friends: I had opportunities to see old friends and new friends this summer which is always something I enjoy.

3. Road trips: One great memory was getting up early in the morning and driving over the mountains to attend my university orientation. It was a long and stressful day but looking back it makes me laugh... It's part of my new start.
I also enjoyed venturing to Seattle multiple times. I'm starting to see the beauty of where I live and I am taking less of it for granted.

4. Getting dressed up: As silly as it sounds, I am still very much like a kid. I still love dressing up to go out and I don't think I will ever get sick of it. I had some fun "dressy" events!

5. All that glitters: I have fallen in love with gold nail polish. I think it will be more than just a summer favorite.

6. Sibling time: I made some memories that I will cherish always.

7. Movies: I watched some great movies this summer in theatre and at home!

8. Music: Not only did I enjoy going to Ed Sheeran's concert but I enjoyed discovering new music with Spotify.

9. To the max: I loved wearing Maxi dresses this summer... I admit I have five...

10. Family holiday: I spent time in Washington's wine country with my family. The astonishing landscape paired with the fun adventures made it a trip to remember!

Well, that's it for now. I'm hoping to blog my moving process but I won't make any promises...

Monday, August 25, 2014

Hair Emergency

As many of you might know I was contemplating dying my hair really blonde so that I could put pastel pink in it. Well, after doing some research and buying the materials needed, I gave it a go. What a mistake that was!

I have a bit of a history with messing up my hair completely. When I was six I cut my own fringe... Let's just say it was a little lop sided (when I say little I mean a lot.) My mum ended up having to cut my fringe really short to even it out. Not a good look!

Well, I had a major flash back when I bleached my hair the other day. I followed the instructions and with my new "expert" knowledge I thought it would go perfectly. Man was I wrong!

I did two goes with the bleach and then toned it to get "lightest ash blonde" hair. IT WAS ORANGE! Disaster had struck I didn't know what to do. Panic struck and I will admit that I sobbed. I was mortified. How could I go anywhere in public looking like that?! So, an emergency hair appointment was made to dye it back.

Right now I have a medium ash blonde color. I have one more appointment in a couple of weeks to get it back to my ash brown. I definitely learned a lesson. I will never dye my own hair ever again after this experience... Take this as a cautionary tale.You've all been warned!
- Susie

Friday, August 22, 2014

Ed Sheeran "X" Tour

Last night was Ed Sheeran's opening night of his new US tour. Kickin' it off in Seattle was amazing and as a fan of his music, it was something I had been looking forward to for months!

My day started off in the afternoon by jumping in the car and driving down to the WaMu theatre. The venue is such a unique location, sandwiched between the homes of two awesome sports teams. As soon as we turned the corner on to the road outside of the theatre, there was all ready a mass of excited "sheerios." Keep in mind that we arrived five hours early!

We then ventured off to the concert parking. We found a nice spot that we wouldn't forget and then we headed over to join the masses. We walked around trying to decide which line out of the two would be the best bet. After deciding they were about the same in length, it was time to look for somewhere to grab a bite to eat.

We started heading up to where we knew most of the restaurants were. We stumbled across a Starbuck, grabbed a cool beverage, and kept on our search. The only problem with the concert being in this part of Seattle is the fact that you can either eat at a coffee shop or a sports bar. Coffee shops don't usually have anything substantial to eat. Sports bars... well they are bars and often not very welcoming to underage adults. So, we gave up and headed back to wait.

By this time the lines had grown exponentially. So, we sat and just looked at the line instead of joining it. By this time we knew there was no way we could get a good spot...

That was until we got a message from a friend saying that there was a third "secret" entrance. We managed to find her after some over the phone directions. They managed to snag a group spot second in line. So we all caught up and chatted about life for a good hour and a half. Then, it was time.

They separated us into lines, and I happened to be at the front. We waited another 15-20 minutes and then again... it was time!

The lady checked my bag in lightning speed. Then, it was time for a quick body scan. On to the ticket scan. Hallelujah, I was through. I ran down the stairs faster than I have ever ran in my entire life and then proceeded to speed walk to the stage (we were told no running.) We managed to get to row five. Not too shabby.

After sitting for another 15 minutes, I noticed that people had slowly started standing. So, I stood. I turned my head slightly to look behind me and it was on! The stampede started and I pushed my way through a tiny gap. I had some great assistance from my BFF by her pushing me forward like a human shield... It was so worth it! We got to the second row and as the concert went on, we were just off center. Ed Sheeran was maybe thirty feet away from us!

I would like to point out that I love Sheeran's music but I would never classify myself as a fan girl. I appreciate his artistic expression in his lyrics and performance but I was just so excited to be so close to the stage at a concert that I could really enjoy!

The opening act also deserves a major shout out. Rudimental was awesome. I loved their unique style of music, mixing old school with new. They were by far the best opener I have ever seen, getting the audience pumped to the beats
and singing along. Definitely my new favorites going into this new school year!

We ended the night by heading over to 13 Coins to finally get some food. I got back at 1:30 am. It was a very successful day and one that I will remember forever.
- Susie
I didn't really get any focused photos because I kept getting bumped but this one shows just how close we were!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Would I Be Crazy?

I have spent a lot of time recently lightening the ombre that I had on my hair. I lightened it about a month ago and then decided to do it again today. I have always used boxed dye from the local shop but after finishing the second lot of dye, I decided it still isn't light enough... I have gone from highlighting to blonde, blonde to strawberry blonde, strawberry blonde to red, and then red to my natural brown. As you can probably tell, I get bored with my hair!

So, this afternoon I went to my local Sally Beauty Supply shop and had some lovely girls (with amazing hair) help me find a toner, developer, and conditioning treatments. I used the toner and managed to get the brassy/orange undertones out but again, I don't feel like it's enough...

As one does, I went onto Pinterest and looked for some more hair inspiration and I rediscovered a trend that I REALLY want to try... I just don't know if I'm brave enough.

It would look like this but with pink <3
I'm obsessed with the pastel hair trend and think it could look really cool. I also think that this is the perfect time in my life to try something completely outside my normal comfort zone. If I were to do it I would make it a pastel pink ombre to start and then consider going all over. There is just something so quirky about color. I'm not an overly edgy girl but I do like a little bit of an edge and let's be honest... I'm pretty sure every girl has wanted pink hair at some point in their life!

What do you think... Should I go for it? Or am I more of a brunette kind of a gal?

Classy but also Sassy!
- Susie