Friday, August 22, 2014

Ed Sheeran "X" Tour

Last night was Ed Sheeran's opening night of his new US tour. Kickin' it off in Seattle was amazing and as a fan of his music, it was something I had been looking forward to for months!

My day started off in the afternoon by jumping in the car and driving down to the WaMu theatre. The venue is such a unique location, sandwiched between the homes of two awesome sports teams. As soon as we turned the corner on to the road outside of the theatre, there was all ready a mass of excited "sheerios." Keep in mind that we arrived five hours early!

We then ventured off to the concert parking. We found a nice spot that we wouldn't forget and then we headed over to join the masses. We walked around trying to decide which line out of the two would be the best bet. After deciding they were about the same in length, it was time to look for somewhere to grab a bite to eat.

We started heading up to where we knew most of the restaurants were. We stumbled across a Starbuck, grabbed a cool beverage, and kept on our search. The only problem with the concert being in this part of Seattle is the fact that you can either eat at a coffee shop or a sports bar. Coffee shops don't usually have anything substantial to eat. Sports bars... well they are bars and often not very welcoming to underage adults. So, we gave up and headed back to wait.

By this time the lines had grown exponentially. So, we sat and just looked at the line instead of joining it. By this time we knew there was no way we could get a good spot...

That was until we got a message from a friend saying that there was a third "secret" entrance. We managed to find her after some over the phone directions. They managed to snag a group spot second in line. So we all caught up and chatted about life for a good hour and a half. Then, it was time.

They separated us into lines, and I happened to be at the front. We waited another 15-20 minutes and then again... it was time!

The lady checked my bag in lightning speed. Then, it was time for a quick body scan. On to the ticket scan. Hallelujah, I was through. I ran down the stairs faster than I have ever ran in my entire life and then proceeded to speed walk to the stage (we were told no running.) We managed to get to row five. Not too shabby.

After sitting for another 15 minutes, I noticed that people had slowly started standing. So, I stood. I turned my head slightly to look behind me and it was on! The stampede started and I pushed my way through a tiny gap. I had some great assistance from my BFF by her pushing me forward like a human shield... It was so worth it! We got to the second row and as the concert went on, we were just off center. Ed Sheeran was maybe thirty feet away from us!

I would like to point out that I love Sheeran's music but I would never classify myself as a fan girl. I appreciate his artistic expression in his lyrics and performance but I was just so excited to be so close to the stage at a concert that I could really enjoy!

The opening act also deserves a major shout out. Rudimental was awesome. I loved their unique style of music, mixing old school with new. They were by far the best opener I have ever seen, getting the audience pumped to the beats
and singing along. Definitely my new favorites going into this new school year!

We ended the night by heading over to 13 Coins to finally get some food. I got back at 1:30 am. It was a very successful day and one that I will remember forever.
- Susie
I didn't really get any focused photos because I kept getting bumped but this one shows just how close we were!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Would I Be Crazy?

I have spent a lot of time recently lightening the ombre that I had on my hair. I lightened it about a month ago and then decided to do it again today. I have always used boxed dye from the local shop but after finishing the second lot of dye, I decided it still isn't light enough... I have gone from highlighting to blonde, blonde to strawberry blonde, strawberry blonde to red, and then red to my natural brown. As you can probably tell, I get bored with my hair!

So, this afternoon I went to my local Sally Beauty Supply shop and had some lovely girls (with amazing hair) help me find a toner, developer, and conditioning treatments. I used the toner and managed to get the brassy/orange undertones out but again, I don't feel like it's enough...

As one does, I went onto Pinterest and looked for some more hair inspiration and I rediscovered a trend that I REALLY want to try... I just don't know if I'm brave enough.

It would look like this but with pink <3
I'm obsessed with the pastel hair trend and think it could look really cool. I also think that this is the perfect time in my life to try something completely outside my normal comfort zone. If I were to do it I would make it a pastel pink ombre to start and then consider going all over. There is just something so quirky about color. I'm not an overly edgy girl but I do like a little bit of an edge and let's be honest... I'm pretty sure every girl has wanted pink hair at some point in their life!

What do you think... Should I go for it? Or am I more of a brunette kind of a gal?

Classy but also Sassy!
- Susie

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


As my favorite season for clothing seems to be quickly approaching, I have been spending quite a bit of time on Pinterest. I used to do my "Pinning!" blog posts all the time before I re-launched my site. I was at a point where the fashion thing just became a burden and it was time for a break/fresh start. Now, I feel a lot happier about it and feel like I can get back into the swing of things... to an extent. It might not be a regular occurrence on this blog anymore but who knows... One "Pinning!" post could lead to another!

So, let's stop the babbling and just get into it:


Out of all the Pins that I have pinned lately to my fashion board this is by far my favorite. The Pin is by the lovely Jacy. Not only is Jacy's blog down to earth and filled with great fashion, the instagram photos she takes are amazing too! I felt so inspired by this simple yet different look that I wore a similar outfit yesterday for my birthday outing. I have a very similar pair of booties and I went outside my regular comfort zone by rolling the denim skinnies up. It actually looked really cool and modern. Something I will definitely do this fall paired with layered tops!

Post found here. Can we also just take a moment of silence in recognition of such wonderful eyebrows?!

Going into Fall and as an overall fashion/beauty inspiration of mine, it is really no surprise that Burberry was my choice in beauty. I love everything about this Burberry lip color on Cara. Burberry is the one brand that no matter the season, I am always impressed by. It's my "spirit brand."

To end this post on a humorous note I thought I would add this. Hopefully it will inspire you and make you laugh!


Monday, August 11, 2014

Lucy (2014)

I recently ventured to the local cinema to see Lucy by director, Luc Besson. The movie tells the gripping story of a woman named Lucy, played by Scarlett Johansson, accidentally caught in a drug smuggling business. When everything seems to be falling apart for Lucy, she turn tables on her captors and evolves into a fighter with advanced logic.

Without giving too much away, this story is a short one. The setting and events took place in around a 24-48 hour setting. Which made the movie seem short. However, the full arc of the story line left it complete and left the viewer without questions. The pairing of the action scenes and the scenes based in the classroom of Professor Norman, Morgan Freeman, gave valuable insight into the human brain and what theoretically happens when we, as a species, use a larger than usual amount of it.

Overall, this movie was very interesting and unlike anything I have seen before which made it rather refreshing. Many times I find that the stories told in movies have some kind of previous story that they are modeled after but Lucy didn’t. It was captivating, unusual, and just an interesting film.

I would give Lucy a 3 star rating. It might seem like a harsh rating but I consider a 4 star a movie you REALLY need to see and a 5 star as one that I would personally watch over and over again. So, Lucy gets a 3. It was good but not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea. So, if you like action movies and movies that are in a sense intellectual, make sure you go see Lucy by Luc Besson.

- Susie

Friday, August 8, 2014

Vacation DVD's

If you read my holiday post you might remember that I mentioned picking up some DVD's while I was away. I decided to do a quick little breakdown of them for you. So, here we go...

1. Black Swan: I wasn't a fan. This Psycho-thriller was award winning and after viewing it I understand why Portman won an award, however, it just wasn't my cup of tea. To be completely honest, I watched all but the last 20 minutes of it. I was rather bored and at the same time freaked out because it was so strange. Let's just say I, personally, was glad I only spent five dollars on it...

2. Inception: This was my favorite of the bunch! I loved the entire cast and the dream with in a dream story line was awesome. I always thought it would be difficult to follow along but it really wasn't. I know this will be one that I watch again frequently.

3. The Notebook: This one is such a classic that when I saw it was only five bucks I knew I needed to add it to my collection. It is definitely one that you have to be in a crying mood to be able to watch it but when you are it is absolutely five stars.

4. The Five-Year Engagement: I thought this film was funny but not to the point that it made me REALLY laugh. I found the story line to be slightly frustrating but in a way I guess that's the whole point. You see the evolution of the relationship and it takes many turns!

Those were my thoughts anyway...
If you have any movie suggestions for me let me know. I love getting feedback and new movies to watch!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Personal Touch

I found these journals the other week when I went to the shops with my mum and I decided what a great personal touch they would add to a room. I am always writing down notes and making lists, so journals are essential to my every day life. I have never really been a fan of leaving random scraps of paper around the house, but I always seem to end up doing so. Well, when I saw these I thought they would be great to just set out on my desk when I get to school. They are nicely lined inside with many pages and they are a perfect medium size. 

What I like the most about these journals are the quotes written on the front. I think keeping quotes,that you connect with, in sight can help inspire you. Who knows, someday someone might be quoting something you write inside it! Not only are these journals a great way to reming yourself of the greats that came before you, they also add a personal touch to decor. 

I think stationary and journals might become my new thing!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Weekend Update

It has been a hell of a week for me this week and not in a bad way! I ended up spending the past seven days house sitting with my best friend and during that time we had some interesting events occur...

We had a fun evening of cooking and watching the Bachelorette finale (I hadn't really watched any episodes from the season but the finale was interesting to say the least)...

We then had a full day of outfit shopping, which you know I loved. I needed a dress, shoes, earrings and a bracelet. Somehow we managed to get it all and not spend too much!

Then my favorite day of the week arrived. You see, I went outfit shopping because I was attending a friends wedding. I love weddings and was excited because this would be the first time I could sit back and watch and not actually have to be in the wedding. I also think that now that I'm older, I appreciate weddings more. I have attended four weddings in my lifetime thus far, and this was by far my favorite! It was simple and sweet but what was most touching was that it kept the focus on the sacred commitment of marriage. The morning started with a worship ceremony for the couple, then an evening ceremony and reception. It was all beautiful!

The day after the wedding we didn't do anything... literally. It was a 'sit on the couch and watch the "Say Yes to The Dress" marathon' kind of day.

I also worked a couple times this week and I am spending this weekend working the night shift. Sorry if this post doesn't seem very well written. It probably isn't but the red bull is wearing off and my eyelids are drooping!

I'm going to go sleep now....